Patch 8.3 is upon us!


We are currently recruiting most classes, most importantly exceptional players for our Mythic Core team.

To apply to our guild just visit this link:

What can we expect from Novana Gaming!?

As always our aim is to clear the content out, we have added a few new council members that will be leading the guild onward and making sure the community is working well together and clearing the content faster.

First week of the new raid of “Ny’alotha, The Waking City” our focus will be clearing Heroic, since it’s a new raid and some of the members have tried some bosses in PTR, we might still expect to add some extra days in that week to make sure we clear the raid, after all it’s 12 bosses this time.

Second week, we’ll jump straight into Mythic and aim to clear the first 2-3 bosses at the bear minimum.

We also have a bunch of high m+ runners in the guild that will continue their aim to get the best scores, they are always looking for more m+ interested players to join in the challenge of getting better timers.